Turkish PersonalsTurkish Personals aims to be the meetingplace for single Turkish people worldwide, both men and women. So this means that there are single women onsite from, of course, Turkey but also the United States, England and various countries in the EU. At the sign up phase you will asked about 90 personal questions (easily answered). From these answers a personal profile characteristic is created, which enables Turkish Personals to match you with single Turkish women that fit your personality and preferences. Most single women on the website are between 18 and 35 years old.

Since its inception in 2002, Turkish Personals has a great deal of experience in international dating. During the last decade it has matched ten of thousands single Turks worldwide. This ensures that all the basic functionalities of the website are well covered. You can search other profiles with no frills and the layout of all the profiles is well detailed with the use of photos and multimedia. The above mentioned matching function works very well also, in case you would like to use it, of course.

As it is common with most international datingsite, sign up for Turkish Personals is free. You can create a profile this way, search for other members, and receive messages. For sending a messages you will need a paid membership that starts at $25 a month. For this you can send an unlimited amount of messages and is bound to set you apart from other users as you can use instant messaging and video chat as well.

  • Good atmosphere on the website
  • High response rate and engagement
  • Somewhat basic with regard to functionalities

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