International Dating – Things to consider


A good starting point in international dating is to ask yourself: what is my end goal? If you just want to talk with foreign woman you will not have a lot to ponder about, but if you goal is to find a good date or a serious relationship you will have to stop and think a bit. What if you are hitting it off with a nice woman? You need a plan in that case on how to be in contact and how to meet eachother. Are you going to visit her, or will she visit you? At what point are you willing to meet her? And so forth.

This sort of feasibility analysis puts things in perspective for yourself and makes that you are really doing things that you want to be doing. Also from a financial point of view this is important. For instance, a (two-plane) ticket to Eastern Europe from the US will cost about $1500, apart from other cost as accommodations and such. You will need to be willing to spend that amount of money for what can be the love of your life.

Also, when you are seeing each other, what are you going to do? It is important to make a great time of your period(s) together. The worst thing is not knowing what to do. Thus, having a plan of action will only further your relationship.

Present yourself

Be strong and active. Make a good profile on naughty online websites which conveys all your positives and talks about you as a person that women have to meet. Women are especially attracted to a nice personality. So let this come out in your profile. Add to this a unique characteristic or twist. If you have a special hobby or activity, all the better. You can play it up in your profile text. Something special in your profile is also a good conversation starter.

Some naughty dating sites also give you’re the possibility to use multimedia, for instance video. In case you have the possibility to do this, adding a video to your profile is very good. First, it means you are modern. Second, you can really show yourself and all that is good about you in a fun engaging way. At any time, of course, be honest and truthful about yourself.

It is also important that you do not wait and sit back after you created your profile. Foreign women are often shy and do not take the first step. You as a man will have to do this. So become active and start sending messages to those women you would like to meet. That is your way to success with the most beautiful foreign women.

Making contact in a good way

Ask yourself: what do you want? What type of woman do you prefer? This is a good starting point when you are going to date on an international website. Look at all the profiles that were active recently (say last month), and when you see a woman you like, just contact her. No excuses. Do not limit yourself to one woman. It can be advantageous to talk to multiple women at the same time, as it will give you more choice later on and you will be able to meet more women in person.

When a woman does not respond do not take it personally. There can be many reasons that they did not respond. For instance, your message was not seen, or she is very busy. If you do not get a reply just move to the next woman you like. This keep a positive spirit which will show in your other conversations.

It can also happen that a woman you were talking with stops responding. While it is good to be reflective (maybe you said something offensive?), this can also be due to circumstances outside of your control. Remember that you did not meet each other yet, so you are still testing the waters to some degree. It happens to everyone that one of the persons stops responding to messages. Maybe you found out that the woman you were talking with was not the “one. This is one of the key positives of international online dating.

Cultural Differences

It is always good to get in depth on the culture of the naughty women you are talking with. First of all, this makes communicating with them so much more fun. You can make inside jokes and refer to things that happen in her country. Second, this will make the woman like you much more, as it shows that you are serious about your intentions and that you are willing to see things from another perspective. And understanding culture differences makes you understand each other much more, what will be good for the possible relationship.

Besides these points knowing the culture of the women makes also that you can adapt to the country when you are going to meet her. Part of this is to get to know the differences in the legal systems as well. For instance, how easy is to visit her country from your country (i.e. visa regulations)? And how easy is it to let her come over from her country to your country? The earlier and better you know this, the more you are prepared for when things get serious. This will also show her that you are a man that can be built upon.

Put down some rules

Make some rules for yourself that you cannot break. For instance, if you are going for a beautiful brunette, do not settle for less. Also, you can make rules with the woman you are talking to. Is it still ok to see other people while you are dating online? Or does she have to be totally committed? And so forth.

The big advantage of putting down your rules is that you will get what you want this way. Otherwise it will be too easy to go for less, and that is not what you signed up for, is it? Furthermore, by putting down the rules you will gain the respect of the women you are talking with. You do not have to be explicit about them, but when you have them as backup, women will sense it in you conversation nonetheless. Good communication is very valuable in online dating.


An important thing you should keep in mind is that international dating lends itself to scams. Now, real scams happen less than you think they would, but they happen nonetheless. The good news is that scams can be easily avoided with some caution and logical thinking.

One of the main reasons that international dating lends itself to scams is that you have two parties (you and the woman) that are based in separate countries. Often there is a language barrier as well. Therefore, if the woman has bad intentions, she can pretend to be someone else than you think she is. There is also the common scam (from the scams) that the woman ask for money to get texts translated, for plane tickets, or just plain open, to keep alive. They will start with a sobbing story about their bad situation and then ask you for money.

A good way to recognize scams is to ask yourself: if this women was a man, would I believe him? Would I lend him the money? If the answer is no you are letting your emotions cloud your judgment. Do not be such a man. When you are emotional you are susceptible for scams.