OrientBeautiesAmong all the Asian dating websites entering the scene, it is sometimes hard to find a dating site that has both quality and a reasonable value for its price. The international dating site OrientBeauties tries to compete on both, and succeeds quite respectably. It is currently one of the most popular places for matching Western men with Asian women.

The great thing about this dating website that everything is really easy to find. Using the interface is therefore a bliss, and you can easily browse profiles to your liking, according to your preferences of course. The communication tools are standard but good.

Women on OrientBeauties.com are quite responsive. While the occasional “professional” can be spotted, most females on the website seem to be sincere and give a good vibe. Men between the ages of 35 and 55 do best, as is common in Eastern culture. On Orientbeauties it is quite important to fill in your profile to a large extent. A longer, well written profiles will attract much more responses than a sparse member profile.

This dating site to meet Asian women does a good job in connecting the needs and want of its various member. A downside could be that the women on the website are from all over the place. So in some locations it can be hard to find a suitable date, while in others (mainly cities) you would be center of attention of many women at the same time. It that case you can take your pick. If you planning to live or travel across more than one Asian country, OrientBeauties would be a great starting point to find a female companion.

  • Professional, well-run dating site
  • Good allround contact options for various countries
  • Members dispersed over a large area
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