Frequently Asked Questions

How does international dating work?

In general international dating works about the same a normal online dating. You sign up, make contact with single women to your liking, talk with them and set up a meet. The big difference of course is the geographic element. By definition international dating can take place in different countries. Normally you can meet up when a) You are in the country or b) The woman is in your country. So it makes sense to take this into account and start using a website if you have plans to visit a country in the near future for instance. In specific cases you can both agree to meet in a whole different country altogether.

In case you interested in specific online dating tips for international dating, look here.

Why should I join an international datingsite?

We often fancy what we find exotic. Apart from this, it is commonly understood that especially western women have lost their touch to be feminine and attractive. So it makes sense to look at greener pastures. Of course, there are still some wonderful western women to be found, but the quantity and average quality in women abroad is often much higher. When you sign up for an international datingsite, you will be able to come in contact with a lot of feminine and beautiful women at once. These foreign women are often in search of a nice and quality western man. They value the qualities of the western men and are eager to come in contact with you – once you available to them online of course.

How successful are international relationships?

It has been proven that western male – foreign female couples have an above average success rate. The reason behind this is that there has been a conscience step to get together, in spite of country boundaries. It is also a big step for one to leave their family and friends behind. Therefore someone (often the woman) will only make this step when she is certain that the relationship will work. The difficulty lies sometime in arranging the first meet up in person, but once the relationship is established, they tend to flourish very well.

How safe is international dating?

Safety in dating in general is linked to your personal decisions. By itself online dating is safe as much as you want it to. Just do not send any money to individuals you meet online. Now, there is the possibility of security hazards when you decide to meet someone in person. The person may be not the same as advertised. This is especially something to think about in international dating, when you are in a different country altogether. However if you stick to these three rules you will be fine:

-          Always meet up in a public place for your first meet
–          Have the other person send you photos and talk on video before you meet
–          Make sure you have limited valuables and cash on hand when you meet

It will be also beneficial (apart from being nice to know) to read information about the place you are going to visit and where you stay.

How about my privacy online?

Most international dating websites run on secure systems, just like any other website. This will ensure that your information will be safe. All datingsites run a certain amount of trust. Once word is out that there is information leak no one wants to use that datingsite anymore. So it is in everyone’s interest to keep information secure and privacy to the utmost level. Just keep an eye on payment processing. If this is done on secure https connection – notice the extra “s” after http – your transaction will be secured.

How much does it cost?

Most dating website offer a free membership option of some sort. All datingsites review here have a free sign up and basic use of features. The extent to which one can use an international datingsite for free differs a bit; some allow messaging and some do not. All in all, a paid membership will enable you to send unlimited messages and get advanced features as the use of messaging tools and video communication. On average a membership cost $25 per month, with discounts if you pay for longer periods at once (i.e. a 6 month membership)

How can I cancel my membership?

Most datingsites have a system in place for cancelling your subscriptions. Sometimes it is advisable to follow-up on your cancellation with an email to the accounting/administration department of the website. To top off your cancellation, you can also give a call to your credit card company and make sure that automatic billing to the datingsite is stopped.

How are the dating websites reviewed?

All datingsites go through a process of intense scrutiny before they are included on our website. We test the website technically (i.e. loading speed, usability) while also experience the website as first hand users after registering and with memberships. Overall the datingsites are weighed on the metrics: success ratio (% of men that find a date), quality of women, validity of profiles, usability, membership costs, security, technical stability and adherence to privacy.